Property Management

Our property management service knows no bounds: from maintenance to accounting, and everything in between—we take care of the A-to-Z so that you can stay focused on your pride of ownership.

Management Services Include:

  • Perform Annual Operational Building Budgets
  • Manage Accounts Receivables / Payables
  • Deliver Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Provide Detailed Quarterly Management and Financial Reports
  • Reconcile Year-end financial reports
  • Manage all tenant interactions
  • Develop annual capital improvement plans
  • Meet regularly with ownership
  • Assemble, update, and maintain comprehensive project files including blueprints, plans, and specifications
  • Negotiate all vendor service contracts for approval by the Owner
  • Coordinate Maintenance and repairs
  • Provide 24/7 emergency response service
  • Assist with lease renewals and extensions
  • Supervise tenant improvements
  • Negotiate and maintain insurance coverage


We are industry vets who understand how to navigate our area’s unique ecosystem with unrivaled market knowledge, personalized service, and a local touch. While trends come and go, our legacy continues to grow with every new deal, no matter the size.

Office  / Retail / Mixed Use

Brokerage Services Include:

  • Market Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Property Repositioning
  • Marketing and Leasing
  • Analytics and Consulting
  • Tenant Retention
  • Due Diligence

Investment Partnerships

We partner with investors who are ready to stake their claim in this dynamic market. We’re with you every step of the way, offering 40 years of industry experience as well as tried-and-true community relationships. When you partner with Premier, you know you are getting true local knowledge – the fast track to what is happening on the Peninsula and access to the right deals.

The Bay Area has become globally recognized as a PREMIER location for commercial real estate investments.  Our team of local experts understand how to navigate the complex environment, predict area trends, and identify opportunities.  Premier focuses on value-added investments in core downtown locations, situated along the transit corridor.

Ahead of the curve.  We don’t just follow trends, we set trends.   The key to our success is not only understanding today’s unique market but having the knowledge of where we are headed.  By actively participating in discussions about City zoning, changes to the codes, development trends and community concerns, Premier avoids pitfalls and identifies opportunities.