New Midtown Businesses

2741 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto

June 14, 2021

Premier Properties has the pleasure of announcing two new ground floor neighborhood-serving tenancies at 2741 Middlefield Road. At a time when the vacancy rate in Palo Alto has climbed to levels never before seen in the city—including during the Great Recession—Premier is helping landlords not only to fill their spaces but to revitalize areas that have witnessed countless business failures.

First, Premier worked closely with elected officials and staff from the County of Santa Clara to bring a teen mental health wellness center to the building. This use is particularly essential now, at a time when youth mental health has declined across the county with teens isolated from their peers, teachers, and coaches for over a year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Second, we are pleased to welcome Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy. Wushu Central is a business that thrived during the pandemic by finding an effective way to teach both youth and adult martial arts classes virtually. Their client base grew exponentially to include users all across the country. They helped to keep children and adults active and strong at a time when their typical daily activities were no longer an option. Premier was crucial in assisting Wushu Central to open their doors for business in Midtown within a month of lease execution. We used our expert knowledge in the zoning regulations of Palo Alto to help Wushu Central occupy the space under a grandfathered Conditional Use Permit, allowing them to avoid the lengthy and costly process of applying for a new CUP. Wushu Central has received 4.9 stars from over 180 Google reviewers, and they are sure to contribute positively to the Palo Alto community.

We are excited to welcome these new tenants who will enhance the neighborhood for years to come.

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